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Capula – Fernando & Alonda Arroyo

The floral-patterned plates and blue salsa bowls with fish designs are made by Fernando Arroyo and his daughter Alondra. This style of decoration is typical of their work from a few years ago and unique in Capula. The circle of dots is a more common motif in Capula and in recent years they have tended to incorporate this into their designs. They developed this style originally in collaboration with an aid/trade organisation called Barro Sin Plomo, which introduced lead free glazes to Capula and other pottery villages. 

Capula – Demetrio Gonzalez & family

The other glazed terracotta pottery is  made by Demetrio Gonzalez and his family. They again have developed their own decorative style, incorporating traditional motifs into more intricate designs than are usually found on Capula pottery.

Dogshead Jugs – Bernaldina Rivera

The dogs head jugs are made by Bernaldina Rivera in Huancito, Michoacan. The pots are decorated with clay slip and are burnished – not glazed – prior to firing. This is a technique that pre-dates the arrival of the Spaniards who brought glazing technologies to the New World. Bernaldina’s work is typical of Huancito, where a number of other potters work in the same style, but she is one of the finest makers there. She has won many accolades and prizes for her work.



Mexican pottery
Mexican pottery
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