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5 x 5 Inset Tile Composer

Choose Your Grid Size

Choose your dimension for the area to be tiled. Choose either:

  • By number of tiles
  • By milemeters (mm)

Your Selected Tile

Enable drag mode.
Replace Mode - replace existing tiles.
Add a single tile.
Add a row of tiles. (This will only replace tiles if "replace" mode is active).
Add a column of tiles. (This will only replace tiles if "replace" mode is active).
Fill the whole grid with tiles. (This will only replace tiles if "replace" mode is active).
Normal orientation
Flip tile 90deg
Flip tile 180 deg
Flip tile 270deg
When enabled this will randomly select tiles from the tile selector. If unselected then it will use existing tile choice.
Randomly fill all empty tiles.
Randomly fill & overwrite all tiles.
Randomly sort tiles.
Edit mode. Delete and move tiles. Edit mode prevents placement of new tiles.

Calculate The Cost

Find out how much your collage costs

Select a tile style

Choose from our selection of tiles. We have 44 available.

inset blue cobalt blue tiles
palacio inset tiles
intense orange
duck egg blue hand made wall tiles
ville green
AZ131 inset tiles
harlequin blue inset tiles
paloma blue
rocio blue and green
seville blue terracotta
Herendira blue
lace blue
special blue
special green
lime green
frog green hand made wall tiles
claro green
chocolate hand made wall tiles
terracotta tile
intense red
mustard yellow
primrose yellow
Mexican white
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