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Folk Art

Mexican Folk Art.

Mexican Folk Art is a hybrid art created from the mergence of a two different cultures and religions. The Pre Cortes Aztec and Mayan tribes and the invading Spanish culture and Catholic Religion. The Spanish aesthetic was influenced by the Moorish cultures. Folk Art and other hand made Mexican objects have subsequently been influenced by trade with China, particularly seen in the blue and cream patterns on tiles and ceramic.

These influences have given Mexican Folk Art its distinct aesthetics.

The indigenous Mexican people suffered huge persecution under the Spanish invaders. Many also died of small pox, a disease that they had no immunity to. Catholism became the dominant religion however the Pre Cortes religions were syncretised. The legacy can be seen in the culture and art of Mexico in the present day.

In 1852 Posada, a Mexican Folk Artist, who died in poverty, was bought to the attention of artist such as Diego Rivera. He became a link between a pre and post Cortes Cultures and a new dawn of Mexican art and Mexican Folk Art began.

Mexican Folk Art has many sources of inspiration myths, religion, stories, cartoons, festival dreams and religious Art.

Milagros often has Mexican Folk Art by the following Mexican Artists –

Saulo Moreno,
Tiburcio Soteno,
Alvaro De La Cruz,
The Vilchis Family,
The Lorenzo Family,
Maria Jimenez,
Antonio De Cielito Lindo Studio.

Painting Trees of Life in Mexico.