Paper Mache poler

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Paper Mache poler

Paper Mache poler

Paper Mache poler by Saulo Moreno Dimensions: 23 cm height, 18 cm depth, 14 cm width Made of Paper Mache and wire Signed at the bottom as Mexico Moreno \n \n-We have a collection of figures by Saulo Moreno in store. \n \n  \n \n**Saulo Moreno, who is in his late eighties, has a unique approach to creating papel mache figures. He initially gives all his attention to creating the bent wire armatures which give his figures structure and life (which is ironic, as many of his figures are skeletons!). He then wraps the wire structures in craft paper, but only partially so that you can often see inside them. He grew up in Mexico City and studied art at the prestigious Academy of San Carlos there, but dropped out because his teachers wouldn‰۪t let him use colour! Some of his early work was bought from a folk art gallery by Diego Rivera. \n \nHe now lives in Tlalpujahua, Michoacan.


300mm X 200mm