Hand Made Mexican Tiles suitable for bathrooms and kitchens walls.

Handmade Mexican Tiles. Milagros offers the most affordable genuinely handmade Mexican tiles available in the UK.

Prices start at 60p per Mexican tile / £54 per square meter.

Our prices are competitive because we buy the Mexican tiles directly from the makers and import them ourselves.

Whilst similar to Moroccan, Spanish and French handmade tiles, they offer the same quality at more affordable prices.

We currently hold stock of the following colours and styles:

30  Coloured tiles – 10.5 cm x 10.5cm
58  Decorative tiles – 10.5 cm x 10.5cm
2 Arabesque – 15 x 15cm
10 House number tiles – 9cm x 14cm
6 brick/ metro tiles – 7 x 21cm
6 brick/ metro tiles – 6 x 13cm
38 inset tiles – 5 x 5cm.

We hold the broadest range of handmade Mexican tiles in the UK. Our tiles have featured in House and Garden (March 2015) and Elle Decorations (April 2015). Milagros’s handmade Mexican tiles are of the highest quality, preferred by architects and designers. They have been used in restaurants throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and Russia. (Please see the list opposite for recent commissions).


Samples are sent out for the price of the tile plus £2 postage and packaging per tile.

Delivery is £10 per 100 tiles or part 100 tiles. 400-1600 delivery is approximately £60 per pallet. These delivery prices are consistent throughout the UK mainland except for Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands and remoter parts of UK. We deliver to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, countries in Europe and all over the world. The website will quote for Europe but outside of Europe please call for a quote. If unsure please call. We have a shop in London and a warehouse in Bristol and tiles can be collected from either.

The Tile Makers

The Mexican handmade glazed terracotta wall tiles which we import are made in a family-run workshop in the state Guanajuato. The whole process – from digging the clay to firing and decorating the tiles – is carried out by the workshops. The handmade tiles are made using a mixture of three different types of clay and an ingredient that adds flexibility to the mixture. The clay is rolled out and cut by hand, then fired in a kiln, resulting in an unglazed ‘biscuit’. These are then glazed and fired again. Variations in colour and size result from the position of the tiles in the kiln, the duration of firing, and the composition of the clay. Dolores Hidalgo is famous for its pottery and tile-making – subsequently there are many workshops and factories for making tiles. The predominant style is a form of Talvera (the Mexican name for Maiolica). A distinguishing feature of this technique is the decoration over the glaze.

The History of Mexican Tiles

Mexico has a long history of making handmade tiles. The techniques were introduced to Mexico by the Spanish over 500 years ago, but the history of tiles goes back further: they were first used decoratively in 400 BC in Egypt. In Mesopotamia there was little stone but clay was abundant: the use of clay for writing and for decoration was encouraged. The technology for creating clay tiles was passed to The Persians, and then to the Arabs, who brought it to Spain. The technology then moved through Europe and then to the New World. Dominican Friars eager to tile their monasteries brought Spanish ceramicists to the New World, and taught the indigenous people how to make tiles. Three hubs for making tiles were established: Puebla, Mexico City and Dolores Hidalgo. Our Mexican tiles are made in Dolores Hidalgo.

How to Install Mexican tiles

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