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The Clovis People

The Clovis People
September 11, 2014 david

This blade is shaped and used by the Clovis people who were the first humans to inhabit the Americas. The blade is 13000 years old. Twenty thousand  years ago the stretch of sea between Asia and Alaska, called the Bering Strait froze. Nomadic people could now walk between the two continents American and Asia. Once they arrived on this new continent they found it rich in large mammals such as mammoths. The edges of the blade are so designed/ made to cause a significant loss of blood to large mammals such as mammoths so that it dies through exhaustion.

The nomadic people constantly moving south they moved along the unfrozen corridor between the Pacific coast and the Rocky Mountains. Eventually arriving at the Southern most tip of South America in 12000.They were genetically similarity to the people from North East Asia.Their settlements have been found across the Americas.

The ice retreated and for 9000 years until 1519 they were cut off and unknown from the rest of the world. As for the mammoths they were all eaten.


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