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Saltillo Hand Made Floor Tiles

Saltillo Hand Made Floor Tiles
May 15, 2015 Juliette Tuke

Press Release – 5th May 2015


Saltillo hand made floor tiles.


Milagros imports hand made Saltillo Floor Tiles. Saltillo Tiles compliment our range of hand made Mexican wall tiles. We currently hold stock of three different sizes of Saltillo tiles 22 cm sq., 30cm sq. and 40 cm sq.


Saltillo floor tiles are made from unsealed terracotta (fired clay in a red or brown colour). The tiles are hand made in Saltillo in Northern Mexico from local clay and the same method of production for 400 years. The tiles are dried in the sun and then heated in a clay kiln for 36 hours and then cooled for 36 hours. The clay has a unique natural blend of minerals, which makes it exceptionally tough. The tiles are fired in specially built clay kilns. The hand made manufacturing process and the unique composition of the clay lends variations of shape, surface, contours and size to the tiles. The tiles are hues of yellows, oranges and reds. The colour of the tiles is dependent upon where the tiles are stack in the kiln. Once laid and sealed the Saltillo tiles lend a room an earthy look, the soft yellow, pink and red tones adding warmth to a kitchen, bathroom or dining room or outdoor space. The tiles don’t harbor dust making them a good choice for anyone with allergies. They can be cleaned with a wet mop. The hand made floor tiles look beautiful in both contemporary and traditional settings. Keeping with tradition with an old home and breaking the clean lines and adding variation within a modern home.


Milagros works directly with a few small workshops, in Mexico, and imports handmade Mexican wall tiles and floor tiles. We have worked with a number of designers and architects. Recent commissions include.
Jamie’s Italian in Islington and Moscow,
Las Iguanas in Westfield Stratford,
Union Jacks in Covent Garden
Lupita East in Liverpool Street.
Chilangos in Camden and Leather Lane.


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