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Rodolfo Morales – Mexican Artist

Rodolfo Morales – Mexican Artist
July 3, 2015 Juliette Tuke

Rodolfo Morales (May 8th 1925 – January 30 2001)


Is an artist from Mexico. He lived in a small town called Octalan in the state of Oaxaca. It was from village life that he drew his inspiration. His paintings portray village life- the predictability, its closed, its monotony, its sadness, its happiness, its silences, its festivals, The village square is often the focal point for his paintings. The characters in his paintings are often the women of the village. They sing, chant, pray, wed, float and make music drink and eating, ride bicycles. The characters are serene, joyful, peaceful and full of pathos. The colours are intense reflecting the light of Southern Mexico.Rodolfo Morales photo 2


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