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Patterned encaustic tiles measuring 20 x 20cm.

This Raya pattern features colours ‘Paris Green’ and ‘Gainsborough White’.

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Our encaustic tiles are likely to be the most affordable, genuinely handmade floor tiles available in the UK; they last a lifetime and work up a beautiful patina over the years. If you go to Mexico or Spain, chances are you’ll see encaustic tile floors looking as great as the day they were laid, centuries on!

Dimensions 20 x 20cm;
25 tiles per sq.m;
£3.60 per tile;
£90 per sq.m
Tile samples sent for £11.50 inc. P&P
Because this product is handmade there will be some natural colour variation and other minor irregularities may arise. Commission only with a three-month lead time.

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