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Cement Encaustic handmade floor tiles – Milagros

Cement Encaustic handmade floor tiles – Milagros
March 11, 2015 Juliette Tuke

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For the past year, Milagros have been developing a range of solid coloured cement encaustic tiles, with a workshop in Mexico

The cement encaustics tiles have a 5mm layer of coloured cement on a background of lightweight concrete, made using volcanic aggregate.

The subtle variations in the colour of each tile, makes the laid floor shimmer.

The making process and the nature of the materials used gives the encaustic cement tiles a distinct character. The floor tiles are not wholly flat or square. When installed the blend of slightly convex and slightly concave individual tiles creates a pillowed effect in the tiled expanse. The light reflects off the tiles at slightly different angles which combined with the variation in the glaze creates a surface with a broader range of tones than machine made tiles.

Milagros concrete encaustic tiles are hand made in Mexico. Each encaustic tile is individually made in a hydraulic press. First a layer or coloured pigment is added to the mold then a dry mix of volcanic concrete is spread on the back, before the tile is compressed with 25 tonnes of pressure. The compressed tile is cured and dried. This produces a floor tile which can last centuries. Spanish traders in colonial times introduced encaustic tiles to Mexico as ballast in cargo ships which were destined to return to Spain with the produce and treasure of the New World.

The tiles are now available to buy from our website milagros.co.uk.The tiles can be sent out to anywhere in the UK and Europe.



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