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Alvaro De La Cruz Skeletons.

Alvaro De La Cruz Skeletons.
March 16, 2014 Juliette Tuke

This skeleton bride is hand made from clay in the state of Michoacan in Mexico. The artist, Alvaro de la Cruz, draws on the tradition of Mexico. The Aztec past and the subsequent Spanish influence. The skeletons are directly inspired by the work of the graphic artist Posada, as is much current Day of the Dead imagery.

Posada was a link between the pre-Columbia past, the folk art traditions and the art of the muralists. There was a revolution against the art of Spain and Europe. They wanted to create art that would go back beyond before the Conquest, which would be original to Mexico popular and authentic.

Alvaro De La Cruz uses the decorative techniques from the pottery-making village where he lives and grew up.

The skeletons come in all many guises- nuns, guitarists, brides, fishermen, cowboys and Catrinas. We have a constant procession of them gracing our shop.


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