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  • Saulo Moreno’s Sculptures.

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    Saulo Moreno

    Saulo Moreno’s sculptures are made of wire and paper. His method of working is distinctively unique. The wire and paper create a framework upon which the characters animals, skeletons, birds, fish are made. The initially wire cage is beautiful in its own right. The wire cage is clad with paper leaving a visibly hollow structure. These unanimated figures are imbued with life, vitality and energy. He draws his ideas and inspiration from the distinctive hybrid art that emerged from the Aztec and Spanish past but also the everyday, the farmyard and Mexican countryside.

    Saulo is now 76 and has been working in this medium since his teens. He believes some of his early work was bought by Frida Kahlo and is now in her house/museum but he says, ” It is so long ago and I didn’t sign my work in those days so I’m not sure ”. Saulo has never produced large quantities of work however he now has his son, Mario Saulo Moreno who is in his early 20s, working with him in a similar style

    Milagros has a few of Saulo Moreno sculptures in their shop and for sale from November 2010.

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