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  • wood carving from Oaxaca

    Marie Jimenez – Wood Carvings from Oaxaca.

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    Until the age of twenty Marie Jimenez was an embroiderer. She started painting wooden creatures that her brother had carved. She has a fine and intricate painting style, which reflects an eye for detail. Each piece can take up to three days to paint. Like her neighbours she started by copying the other carvers designs and covering her figures in polka dots. They did not sell well. She describes how one morning we went out into the fields. It was a beautiful day….barely raining. The desert looks wonderful in the rain. There were flowers, green leaves, yellow stalks, so many colours. And I ask myself, “ How can I paint like this? That’s how it started. That’s how we all start by seeing the beauty around us.”She is one of the most successful painters and is unusual for being a woman. We sell the work of Marie Jimenez in our shop.

    Stork and elephant by Marie Jimenez.

    wood carving from Oaxaca
    Maria Jimenez wood carvings from Oaxaca